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A Lesson Learned

A Lesson Learned
Everyone has heard the carpenter saying “measure twice, cut once.” I believe that the same analogy applies to artists when they begin a new painting. Not necessarily cutting but certainly measuring. Getting the perspective and the drawing correct is certainly one of the most important steps.
Without following these all-important steps, everything is off right from the beginning.
I recently learned that the hard way with an oil painting of Reno, a beautiful rescued Greyhound.  The painting was a gift for two special people.

Last Saturday for holiday shopping!

Saturday, December 19th  10am-4pm is your last chance to finish up your holiday shopping here at the Hungerford , 1115 E. Main St. Rochester NY 14609. We are in Studio 452-458. The elevator will be manned for your convenience inside Door #2. Handicap ramp available as well. 

Consider an original piece of art that will only increase in value!  Smaller budget? We have many different note cards, art tiles and archival prints of our work as well. 

We look forward to seeing you!  See what we are currently working on as well!

January's Blog post

“It Ain’t Easy!”
Have you ever seen someone walk through a studio on a First Friday with a glazed expression without really looking at what is there?  Or heard, “That’s ugly!”  Or “My dog could paint better than that!”   
People who are that judgmental usually are insecure about themselves and don’t find much fun in anything. nvite them to take up the making of art of any form to improve their sense of self-esteem and relationship to their world. 
Yes, there are false advertising claims that lead one to believe that visual arts are simple: paint-by-numbers books, adult coloring books, drawing, sculpting and painting  (in every medium) made easy.

November News from Our Members!

Finding inspiration in fleeting moments
The tide had just gone out. There were many rivulets of sea water still running down the beach toward the ocean. Each revealed shards of clam shells, bits of sea glass and rocks of all colors and sizes. The beach was Stonington, Maine’s public beach, Sand Beach. It is a very small strip of sand, maybe 300 feet long, surrounded by rocky coast and pine trees. My favorite painting site.
            One day as I walked along the beach, studying these rivulets, I realized that they existed in a brief moment in time.

Award Winners!

Gabriele Lodder won an Honorable Mention for her pastel painting, ' Chincotique Sunset' in the current Pastel Society of Western New York's Inaugural Exhibit at the P. Tribastone Fine Art Gallery, 32 S. Main St, Canandaigua, NY. The show is up until the end of day September 26th. 
Kath DeWitt Hess also won an Honorable Mention in the show for her pastel painting ' Hidden Farm'. 

Suzi Zefting-Kuhn won the Award of Excellence for her pastel ' Nap Time'. 

Congratulations ladies! The Main Street Artists did well!

On Becoming an Artist

Becoming an artist

By Gabby Lodder

I have always asked myself “What exactly is an artist in the eyes of the viewing public?” The dictionary tells us an artist is “One who produces works in any of the arts that are primarily subject to aesthetic criteria.” Or, “persons having superior skill or ability.” WOW – that’s a lot to live up to, especially the aesthetic criteria part. 
You always hear from people viewing your work that it’s “beautiful,” “great piece of work,” “absolutely love it,” etc. But often you hear that “It doesn’t go with my décor.

Cooking a Painting

Cooking Up A Painting
By Linda Cala
           My father loved to cook. Making a meal to him was like creating a piece of artwork. He would read cookbooks like novels and sit in his garage with a stogie dreaming up recipes that “jazzed”him up. Then he would plan in his head all the things he would need: olive oil, garlic, eggplant, sauce, etc. Then he’d figure out where the best deals were in town to get his ingredients.
            Olive oil was like his turpentine.

A Connection......

A connection . . .
What draws us to a particular piece of art? Maybe it is a memory stirred, a mood relates, or a color touches us. Does it bring joy, or is it thought-provoking? It could be a common ground, like minds meeting.
            Viewing this artwork may transport us to another world, or into a delicious daydream state. Sometimes just the sheer beauty takes our breath away!
            Whatever it is, we are drawn to it, and I believe it is for a reason.

MSA member news!

An acrylic painting, Bubb Lake, by MSA member Diane Bellenger received the Outstanding Landscape award in the 2015 Annual Central Adirondack Art Show at the View art center in Old Forge, N.Y. The exhibition, which runs through June 21,  features more than 150 works in all media, ranging from painting and drawing, to photographs, ceramics and more.photographs, ceramics and more. Diane painted the work while on a hiking trip near Old Forge with her daughter.

Gabriele Lodder and Suzi Zefting-Kuhn have been juried into the Adirondack National Pastel Exhibition 2015 in Glens Falls NY.

Practice Makes Perfect

Practice makes perfect…..
By Chris Norris

I am reminded of the classic joke where the tourist asks the maestro, “How do I get to Carnegie Hall?” The maestro responds, “Practice, practice, practice.”

I have been a member of the Main Street Artists since its inception. In the beginning I would come in once a week for 4 hours. I would pull out my paints and my easel and paint until it was time to go home. Days later I would return to pull out my paints and easel and try to remember where I left off.

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Last Saturday for holiday shopping!
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