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And so it begins...

We are entering the holiday season with all its hustle and bustle. We are all busy in the studio preparing for the Hungerford’s holiday hours. As I type this my studio mates are decorating with all the bright and shiny things. I am not immune. 
We know our Saturdays will be here spending time with our customers and visitors. It’s always fun to meet new people and visit with old friends. I truly enjoy meeting people that are discovering the Hungerford for the first time. We’ve been talking a lot about this lately.

Animals Have Feelings Too

“How it is that animals understand things I do not know, but it is certain that they do understand. Perhaps there is a language which is not made of words and everything in the world understands it. Perhaps there is a soul hidden in everything and it can always speak, without even making a sound, to another soul.” ― Frances Hodgson Burnett
I paint portraits. As in painting a human being, painting an animal brings the same challenges and joy to me. The more closely I look at animals, watch them, study them and photograph them I realize that they portray many of the same characteristics that we humans do – and usually with much more compassion for others.

Pressing Matters

Pressing matters
Watercolor, my preferred medium, likes to be free.
            And so, I’m always looking for new ways to loosen up, stay fresh and become more intuitive in my painting, Recently, I’ve been playing around with a technique I discovered in a terrific book,Experimental Landscapes in Watercolourby British artist and author Ann Blockley (
            The basic technique is quite simple: Find some interesting leaves, twigs or other plant material.

Memories, Feelings, Interpretations, and Truth

Are the marks, composition and color harmonies in our artwork influenced by our relationship to the subject matter or concept? Should they be? Are the proportions and placement of images and shapes directed by the attachment we feel, and meaning we consciously or unconsciously assign to them? How important is our personal connection to our subject matter? That is what I’ve been pondering during the creation of my last four pieces. Is the integrity and quality of my art even linked to the answers of the above questions?

Finding Color in Black and White

Finding color in black and white
Remember that feeling you got when you were a kid and opened a new box of crayons? All those colors? All those possibilities? Every color held a world of describing the things around you and the ideas yet to come.
            Every spring feels like that for me. Opening the shades from the long winter of monochrome to spring’s blast of light and brilliance of hue, I am in awe every year by the pinks, purples, yellow greens and blues.

To What End Paint

To what end paint?
            Fame?Not likely in my case, for a variety of reasons. My mother wanted me to paint, but my father would have insisted on perfection, whatever that is, to exploit any talent the kindergarten teacher told my mother I had. It took me until I was 30, after years of therapy, to have the courage to express anything at all on canvas,
            Wealth?By the time I was 35 I realized I could never support myself with art.


"Galleries are going to reject you, people are going to say insensitive things about your work, critics are going to ignore you and family members are going to plot to steal your painting time but you have to pick yourself up and go back at it.” ~ Cathie Harrison    

     I am just coming off of another show that required entries and paintings being juried. It is always a tossup…will they like my paintings? Or not?
     I understand this process is subjective and beyond my control.

Aging Beauty

Early last summer my family and I visited the Lockport Caves and Museum in Lockport, N.Y. The old entry door to the museum, with its rustic locks and weather-beaten facade, became the inspiration for my next painting that I would work on most of the summer. It was very important to me to capture the essence of this antique door.
     The door itself tells a story with its iron hardware and the many layers of peeling paint. It has withstood the heat of summers and the harshness of winters.

Thank you!

The Main Street Artists' wish to thank you for helping us support the Art program at the Boys and Girls Club of Rochester! Thanks to you we were able to raise $400 which will buy badly needed art supplies for them! 
We wish all of you the happiest and healthiest of holidays! 

Our December Blog by Kath DeWitt Hess

               I just took the wonderful Aaron Scheurr Landscape workshop. It was a great learning experience as well as a chance to bond with artists outside of the MSA group.
I took the Aaron Scheurr workshop not only because I like his work but because I felt I needed help to get to the next “level” personally in my own work. The things I learned from Aaron besides what he had to say was  how he held his pastel /brush ,layering both pastel  or oil, learning how to alter my touch on the paper to lay down lines and most of all seeing and comparing what I was looking at now to how I didn’t take my work to the next level.

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And so it begins...
Animals Have Feelings Too
Pressing Matters
Memories, Feelings, Interpretations, and Truth
Finding Color in Black and White


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