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Artistic Sensitivity: A Double Edged Sword


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 We artists are a sensitive bunch. Sensitivity serves us well in creating and expressing our art, but there is a flip side. When we display our art to the public, whether at shows or on social media, we become vulnerable to all types of criticism or worse, ambivalence. It can be difficult to receive negative feedback or silence without feeling slighted. When the source of these comments is close friends, family members, or other artists, we may feel especially hurt and insulted.
  So what’s an artist to do? Can we expose our artistic expressions and remain unphased by the negative reaction of others? Though this can be a challenge, I have found a few ways to help keep hurt feelings in check and build self-esteem.
     1. Take specific actions to improve your confidence and pride in all you have accomplished. Draw or paint on a frequent basis. Attend classes to improve your skills. We are fortunate that the Rochester art community is a rich resource for art education in all media. Consider submitting your work for exhibition. There is joy in knowing that people are looking at your work, even if no sale takes place. Although your art won’t please everyone, that is OK. The most important person you need to impress is you.
  2. Accept that there could be myriad reasons why friends, peers, or family don’t acknowledge your work. Perhaps they are struggling with their own work, or are facing personal health and family challenges. Chances are the reason has nothing to do with you or their perception of your work

3. Join an art group in your community. You will meet fellow artists who appreciate your work and offer constructive criticism. Group artists are very supportive of each other, and often suggest new techniques for improvement and opportunities to exhibit. Significantly, fellow artists know firsthand what it’s like to put their art on display and can help you overcome self-doubt and insecurity

Gaining self-confidence and overcoming insecurity takes time, but it can be achieved. Be patient with yourself and others and generous with the folks who support you and your goals. You will come to recognize and appreciate your unique talents without fear of being judged by others

-Andrea Nadel

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