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In the Stillness...

Still life. Why do I paint it? First, as someone who enjoys the juxtaposition of one item to another, texture against non, play of colors and values, the still life genre satisfies the designer in me. I can get lost in the choosing of subjects and their relationship in my setup.
         A treasure trove awaits my choice in nature, found objects, garage sale finds and meaningful mementos of my life and those of others. In a way, I become an explorer in search of the perfect piece that makes my heart race. I become the “Indiana Jones” of still life excavation. The perfect combination may portray a moment in time, elegance, or a story told. The possibilities are endless!
         Or maybe I just like being the boss. Yes, I am the boss of each setup from idea to completion.
         More importantly, I can appreciate God’s creations in natural items, or the handiwork of humanity in some beautiful pieces. Speaking of a higher power, in the stillness we may connect with who we really art. This is what I experience when I paint these “slices of life.”
         In the contemplative still life process of connecting with what I really see, I find myself. I find the higher power. I find God.
~ Lisa Zaccour


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